Fit, Fifty and FEARLESS!

Follow me here for all things WOMAN… as I make my way into a new phase of my life … and share with you things like:

  • Clean Eating guidance that is realistic (especially helpful for those with autoimmune illness)
  • Fitness topics (don’t expect a cross fit trainer here….just simple movement)
  • Beauty Secrets (lol…this sounds so funny to me….as I’m a pretty simple gal)
  • Healthy lIfestyle choices
  • Fashion Trends
  • Home Decor (because enjoying my surroundings help me find my balance)

No matter what age you are….

It is my goal to speak to women across the ages in hopes to inspire you to live your very best life….in the phase you are currently in….. at this very moment.

I really do wish I knew then what I know now…..and I realize that is as cliche as it gets.

But it cannot be said any differently.

Is this you?

You know you're ready to begin cleaning up your diet from the inside out...

Or is this you?

On the fence about this whole clean-eating thing, l share my compelling "why" and "how" story here...

My Honest 7-Day AIP Meal Plan eBook

🔸 my 7-day meal plan including all meals and snacks
🔸15+ recipes with full-color enticing photos
🔸 my AIP grocery list
🔸 approved AIP snack options
🔸 and much more....

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The Best You

If you're ready to be serious about a life-style change, our community of 300+ women will give you the support, encouragement and the resources that you need.

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My Blog

It is here that I share clean-eating recipes, AIP diet info, personal stories and solid advice for making smart choices in your new lifestyle.

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Autoimmune Journey

Yes, I was a furniture painter first and an RN before that, but October of 2017 my life changed forever when I was diagnosed with advanced autoimmune liver disease. I immediately did everything in my power to help my body heal ...

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Next Steps...

The number one thing you can do for yourself is surround yourself with encouraging and positive people. The Best You community can help you take on this journey. We only accept new members a couple times of year.  Join me.

Disclaimer: The information I share with you on my website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition and is NOT to be used as a substitute for the care and guidance of a physician.  I am not a medical professional, a certified health coach or a dietician. I am just an enthusiastic girl with a big heart and a lot of drive who successfully followed a plan and now wants to share that plan with others and provide a community of encouragement and support. -Tracey Bellion