AIP Warriors

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Sometimes it's just nice to have the opportunity to take a deeper look into someone's journey.  The Autoimmune Protocol Diet brings a variety of results at a varying pace to all who make the commitment. 

Some receive rapid and dramatic success while others experience gradual and subtle changes and many find themselves in a phase of continual healing.  I find every phase of healing worthy of celebrating. 

The stories shared here are real life experiences shared by individuals that have achieved a minimum of #60 days in The Best You program.  If you are interested in sharing your AIP Warriors journey with others....and have completed 60+ days in The Best You...please submit your story HERE

If you are interested in starting your own journey with fellow AIP Warriors.....please click HERE to learn more.  

Meet Terri H.

Terri has been a The Best You member for 327 days!  She initially joined TBY after struggling with depression and weight gain after the death of her mother.  Terri was also concerned that she might…Continue Reading

Meet Melissa P.

Melissa has been in The Best You for 200 days!  She originally joined for weight loss but after 30 days on the program, she was shocked that she wasn’t taking over the counter medication or…Continue Reading