Meet Kareen R.

Kareen has been a The Best You member for 266+ days and was our very FIRST member!  She modified her diet five years prior but hadn’t been able to shed those last ten pounds.  With…Continue Reading

Meet Terri H.

Terri has been a The Best You member for 228 days!  She initially joined TBY after struggling with depression and weight gain after the death of her mother.  Terri was also concerned that she might…Continue Reading

Meet Melissa P.

Melissa has been in The Best You for 200 days!  She originally joined for weight loss but after 30 days on the program, she was shocked that she wasn’t taking over the counter medication or…Continue Reading

AIP-Friendly Travel Snacks

I am a fully converted WHOLE FOOD/CLEAN EATING girl! But that doesn’t mean that I don’t still like the occasional snack in a package that gives me that “grabbing a KitKat” at the local gas…Continue Reading