How to de-stress and reduce anxiety

I write this blog during a time of chaos and set back in our world.Β Β A virus is spreading at rapid speed…..a pandemic…..leaving much destruction in its path. Learning how to de-stress is now more important…Continue Reading

The Best You Healing Artwork

Woah…..this is my happy place! A place where my mind/body/spirit AND my creative self get to play together! To be honest… mind/body/spirit and creative side actually play together very well EVERY SINGLE DAY!  In fact…without…Continue Reading

Leaky Gut: What is leaky gut anyway??

Leaky gut is just that…..a gut that leaks. It is due to increased intestinal permeability….or in easier terms to understand….the lining of the gut becomes weak and begins to break down.Β Β  The broken-down gut then…Continue Reading