Fancy Food Friday

Fancy Food Friday

I meet with my Facebook Family every Friday morning at 9:00 am central time via Live video @traceysfancy to share my weekly food wins and struggles, medical challenges, answer questions and just enjoy the gift of being able to hang out for a bit in one place to support each other! I would have never made it to day 400+ without this amazing group supporting me, encouraging me and helping me stay accountable.

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This where you can catch up on all of our Fancy Food Friday episodes. Search by topics that interest you or watch chronologically.

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If you’re on Facebook, you’ll have have fun interacting in the comments and seeing what people are asking. I have an entire playlist of previous episodes here.

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Disclaimer: The information I share with you on my website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition and is NOT to be used as a substitute for the care and guidance of a physician.  I am not a medical professional, a certified health coach or a dietician. I am just an enthusiastic girl with a big heart and a lot of drive who successfully followed a plan and now wants to share that plan with others and provide a community of encouragement and support.-Tracey Bellion