Do you have a desire to give this whole green juice recipe a try…..or you have tried….and you can’t seem to force yourself to drink it?

I hear it Every. Single. Day. “I just can’t drink the green juice.”

I also hear “…but I really want to” …from the same people!

Is this you??

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I’m going to be totally honest and admit to you that I absolutely loved it from the very first sip! Β It was instant satisfaction and I just can’t understand why everyone doesn’t feel the same way.Β 

But after leading hundreds and hundreds of women (and even a man or two) through my The Best You program…..I’ve learned that this really is a struggle for many…..AND there are remedies!!!!!

In fact…..I just spent the weekend with my daughter’s mother-in-law….and we had this very discussion!  She wants to drink it….she just can’t….so I gave her some pointers.  It was then I realized I could share this here on my website and maybe these would help you too!

Green Juice Modifications

If the green juice is to tart:
  • Cut back on the amount of lemon…..or juice the lemon without the peel.
If the green juice tastes like dirt:
  • Remove the cilantro.
If the green juice tastes like grass:
  • Drink it over ice…with a straw….and even add a few sprinkles of stevia to make it sweeter until your tastebuds have time to adjust.
If you can’t stand the foam or pulp:
  • Pour it into your glass through and strainer.
If you can’t stand the smell:
  • Drink it from a cup with a lid and a straw.
If the green juice is too green:

(seriously y’all….more people than I care to admit struggle with it because it is green):

  • Put it in a stainless steel tumbler with a solid lid and use a straw that you cannot see through.

THIS REALLY WORKS!  It has been proven in my group by those with this exact issue…they could drink it once they could NOT see it!  Strangest thing but HEY!  NO judgment here….only solutions!

So there!  Try any of the above adaptations or maybe try them all at once…..and just see if you can learn to love this green goodness that God intended for you to have in your diet daily!  

Commit to a full 30 days of morning juice and you will not believe the difference in the way you feel!

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You’re Welcome!

P.S….if you don’t have my green juice recipe…the recipe for the drink that I have made for myself every morning for the last 2 years….and that I attribute to my weight loss and overall healing of my body… can get it right here!

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