Grit & Guts I: Be the happiest person you know is part one of my four-part Grit & Guts: finding your best self series. If you missed my Grit & Guts Intro blog, you can read it HERE.

Who is the happiest person you know?

It is my guess that every single person that reads this will immediately answer with the name of someone other than themselves.  

I know….you named that friend that seems to always be on fire and everything they touch turns to gold!  

Or that co-worker that seems to never have a bad day and almost wears you out with cheer!

Or even the chipper family member that you are sure has robbed you of your own “happy” DNA!

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I am certain that VERY few (if any) of you named YOURSELF!

I am here to change that TODAY!  

I present you with a challenge…..

Every day for the next week…..I’d like you to say to yourself (or even better…write it down) as soon as you wake up in the morning…

Think about it…..say it…..try it!  

              “I am the happiest person I know!!”

It really does something to you!  

Be the happiest person you know! by Tracey Bellion

Even as I type this on a Tuesday evening….with more than half the day over….it instantly resets my mind!  

When you commit to saying this to yourself first thing every day…..before you do anything else….you are setting your own standard…..raising your own bar……and ultimately having a positive effect on every person that comes into contact with you for the rest of the day!

Now let’s be real for a minute…..even when you reset every single morning….it can be difficult to maintain. 

I find myself repeating that key phrase many times throughout the day… know… when I’m stuck in traffic and trying to make an appointment on time, or when the toilet backs up all over the bathroom floor, or when I’ve told my daughter at least ten times to pick up her clothes from her bedroom floor…..but it works!!!  It’s so much better than the whole “take a deep breath” trick we’ve tried for years!  

Your happiness is 100% YOUR choice!  


It is simply a decision that you make with intent!

It is not always easy….but becomes easier over time….as if its a muscle that needs to be flexed and built upon….your HAPPY muscle.  

Be the happiest person you know! by Tracey Bellion

This is not to say that there are obvious breaks in your happy.  

Loss, grief, heartache, disaster….to name a few. 

Unfortunately, these things are part of life….and it is our personal responsibility to not remain in those dark and heavy spaces.  

I will tell you …that I have been dealt my fair share of heartache and sadness…..loss and grief…..and even depression.  

I learned more about myself with each low…..and recovered each time a little faster than the time before….by choosing a date and time that I must pick myself up….and find my HAPPY.  

Does anyone really enjoy the UN-happy place?  

I sure don’t!

Do you know someone that is always unhappy?  Always complaining about life and whining and moaning about whatever they possibly can?  

I do!  I know several! 

I call this type of person a Snuffulufagus!  Do you remember that Sesame Street Character?

Get over it already dude!  

Stop your whining, stop your complaining…..dry that face and let’s find something to be thankful for!!!

Even the saddest of sad and the broken-est of broken….can usually think of ONE thing they are thankful for if you ask them! 

That’s all it takes….ONE thing….and then determination….to recover and move forward!

With the new day…..comes the chant!

“I am the happiest person I know”!  

Then I dare you to try and NOT lift that chin and raise those shoulders and take a deep breath and find your ONE thing…..and get moving!  

Be the happiest person you know! by Tracey Bellion

Say it 100 times that first day if you have to!

Happy attracts happy!  

So the challenge is on!

Start tomorrow….or heck….try it right now!  

The world needs more HAPPY….and you’ve got a lifetime of it to share!

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See you next week!



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Be the happiest person you know! by Tracey Bellion

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