I’ve been using Himalayan Salt for cooking since December 2017.  During this time I began my Autoimmune Protocol journey which for me….meant committing to as many healthy changes in the kitchen (and the rest of my life) as possible!  

I was never much of a table salt user.  But with the AIP diet….it is necessary to eliminate many spices from food preparation…..so I chose to add the recommended Himalayan Sea Salt.  

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The pretty pink salt is known for many of its healing properties.  It has been found to relate blood sugar, help with the body’s natural sleep cycle, contains 84 essential minerals required by the human body,  stabilizes ph balance, aids in vascular health, increases bone strength, supports respiratory function….AND creates healthy libido (va va va voom boom)! 

So why wouldn’t you use it???  

I even placed a salt lamp in my bedroom and bathroom that I leave on 24/7.  

Himalayan Salt Lamp
Himalayan Salt Lamp

It is said to cleanse and deodorize the air, calm allergies, raise energy levels, enhance MOOD and sharpen concentration….uhhhhh…hello menopausal friends….get your lamp lit!!!

But my whole purpose for this blog is to tell you about our newest Himalayan Salt addition!  

The Himalayan Salt Block that we use for grilling!!!

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This pink block has transported our grilling skills to new levels!!!

Himalayan Salt Block

Bye bye grill seasonings that I cannot eat due to AIP spice and pepper eliminations that our lifelong favorite “rubs” contained!  

Hello to simplicity!  You simply lay your steak or chicken or fish or veggies directly on this block…..that sits right over the grill flame…..and cook!  

Just turn your meat or veggies as you would if they were directly on the grill.  Your food will be infused with 80+ minerals from the salt and the flavor of the food is enhanced in ways you can’t imagine!!!  Every single person we have shared food with from the salt block and grill….has purchased their own!  

And they last forever!!!!  Like for real forever!!!  You really don’t need to replace them!  I like having one for meat and the other for veggies….and using both on the grill together. 

To clean….you simply wash and lightly scrub with a damp scrubby sponge….no soap….just enough to remove any food that is stuck on the salt.  

So hurry….before grilling season is over…..get yourself a beautiful pink Himalayan Salt Block and ask yourself why it took so long to hear about them!!!  

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Himalayan Salt Grilling Block by Tracey's Fancy Yes! It really works!

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