I have totally changed my eating to follow the AIP diet... and I get asked what I eat. And the truth is, once I make a commitment, I STICK WITH IT.

So I don't always follow recipes... but I do want to give you an idea of what some of my meals look like.

I have a 7-day meal plan for what I eat in a week. It's a kickstart to making your own healthy choices and changes.

What do I eat?

I put together a 7-day meal plan, it's a quick start with my AIP-friendly snacks, meals and everything I'd eat in a week!!!

Tracey Bellion Furniture Artist & Clean Eater

Real-Life Examples

Get in my belly. These are actual photos that I took of my meals. I really do eat like this ... and can teach you to do the same...

Lunch Recipe


Riced broccoli, 1 smashed sweet potato, coconut shreds, Himalayan sea salt and a dash of cinnamon

Salad Idea


Spinach. Cabbage. Carrots. Apple. Kalamata olives. Celery. Chicken. Lemon. Himalayan Salt.

Tracey Bellion Green Juice

Green Juice Daily

Although it's not part of the AIP diet, I drink my green juice daily. You can get my recipe here.

If you want to do this too and need help and inspiration, join our amazing community/accountability group - The Best You!!

Disclaimer: The information I share with you on my website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition and is NOT to be used as a substitute for the care and guidance of a physician.  I am not a medical professional, a certified health coach or a dietician. I am just an enthusiastic girl with a big heart and a lot of drive who successfully followed a plan and now wants to share that plan with others and provide a community of encouragement and support.-Tracey Bellion