It was time. Time to rekindle my relationship with Stitch Fix.

Most of you know that I have lost a substantial amount of weight over the last two years.  You can read more about my health and wellness journey HERE.

This required me “shop” for new clothes…..and I do NOT enjoy shopping!  

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Stitch Fix styles with Fit Fifty and Fearless

Does that make me weird?  Oh well! 

So without sounding like a “princess”…..I decided to RE-sign up with Stitch Fix and let a stylist do my shopping for me!  

My stylist is Alyssa….and she’s my hero!

She studied my Instagram and Facebook pictures to capture my personal style….and the choices she makes for me are far better than any choices I would make in my overwhelmed state in the department stores!   

This is NOT a sponsored blog.

I pay full price for my Stitch Fix and they couldn’t care less how many people follow me on social media!  LOL!  

Stitch Fix styles with Fit Fifty and Fearless

I share this information with you because it has really helped me….and I feel you could benefit from it too!

How does Stitch Fix work?

1. Sign up HERE (and yes…this is an affiliate link and you will get one too when you sign up…using my link will gives you $25 off your first order)

2. Fill out your style survey (which is actually quite fun)

Stitch Fix styles with Fit Fifty and Fearless

3. Choose how often you want to receive a style fix….and set your budget.

4. Wait for your fix to arrive to your door.

5. Try it all on (and be shocked how well everything fits….its kind of creepy and mind blowing)

6. Keep what you want…..return what you don’t want (they provide a pre-paid mailer envelope that you throw the clothes into and drop in a postal box).  

7. Wear the clothes you kept and look amazing and say thank you to all the compliments you will get!

8. Wait for your next style fix….and repeat!

How much does it cost?

You set your own budget! 

You save 25% if you keep everything.  

My fix usually runs about $150.  

Stitch Fix styles with Fit Fifty and Fearless

I will adjust it as my needs in my wardrobe shift.  (I needed a lot of clothes as nothing fit)!

I’ve included some photos throughout this blog from my social media accounts of me wearing pieces from my recent Stitch Fix boxes!  I always forget to tag them on IG and FB!   And I get asked about my clothes A LOT!  So I felt this blog might be helpful to some of you!  

Stitch Fix styles with Fit Fifty and Fearless

AND….for my curvy plus size friends…..Stitch Fix has amazing Plus Size options as well! I know this based on personal experience!  πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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See you next week!



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