My Honest 7-Day AIP Meal Plan eBook

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How about a peek into a full week of what I eat?

When I am asked the same question multiple times by multiple becomes clear to me that I need to address it openly.

It is my hope that by sharing an example of my full weeks menu....not only will your questions be answered but you will have a better understanding of what Autoimmune Protocol really looks like.

Just to get you started...I'm not a vegetarian. I eat A LOT. I do not take any supplements. And while I love my whole food smoothies, that is only a small portion of my weekly food intake! My Honest 7-Day Meal Plan explains all this and so much more!!

My Honest 7-Day Meal Plan eBook includes:

- my 7-day meal plan including all meals and snacks

- 15+ recipes with full-color enticing photos

- my AIP grocery list

- approved AIP snack options

- and much more....

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