Meet Lynne

Lynne, a member of The Best You who just celebrated one year in the program, struggled with horrible eczema before starting her AIP journey. Now she can say that it has almost completely cleared up!…Continue Reading

AIP kitchen tools that I can’t live without

My “simple” AIP kitchen tool must-haves: (keep in mind….these are not AIP pantry must-haves….that’s another blog……these are tools/appliances) My AIP lifestyle is a simple one. For the most part, I am not a recipe follower. …Continue Reading

Meet Lonnie M.

Lonnie, a member of The Best You for 150+ days, struggled with a long list of health issues – severe depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue…to name a few. After only a few months in The…Continue Reading

Meet Karen B.

Karen has been a member of The Best You for 120+ days. She was encouraged to join the group after following the successes of a friend and a fellow member. She was starting to feel…Continue Reading

Brussel sprouts: the often-overlooked veggie

Let’s hear it for all the brussel sprouts lovers??? (((crickets??))) Ok…I get it….they are an acquired taste….but I have watched this hate/love relationship transpire time and time again. I recently had a member of my health…Continue Reading

Meet Kathy L.

Kathy has been a member of The Best You for over 250 days. She was inspired to join the group after hearing Tracey’s story and relating to everything she was saying! After years of nagging…Continue Reading

Meet Amy C.

Amy has been a member of The Best You for more than 400 days. She originally joined The Best You to lose weight and gain confidence. After more than a year in the program, her…Continue Reading

Leaky Gut: What is leaky gut anyway??

Leaky gut is just that…..a gut that leaks. It is due to increased intestinal permeability….or in easier terms to understand….the lining of the gut becomes weak and begins to break down.   The broken-down gut then…Continue Reading