Caring for the Whole Self

I own Autoimmune Hepatitis (AIH).

I have embraced the fact that it is mine.....and I will never be CURED of it.

However.....I have chosen to live a life that gives that diagnosis VERY little chance of controlling me anymore!

I choose WHOLE FOOD to assist the daily medication that I must take to keep my disease process in remission.

The modern medicine is necessary....and the long term side effects are not kind.  But the damage done to my liver by this disease leave me little choice but to continue with my medication therapy. order to support my WHOLE body and to help combat any side effects from the medication....AND to assist my body with dense nutrients daily  (which I see as natures medicine for every cell in my body) AIH remains in remission....and my struggles with autoimmune disease are behind me!

Forever??  That I don't know.  But I do know...that my diet and lifestyle were a MESS....completely out of balance....and it showed!!  I have alleviated every single negative and debilitating symptom from my simply changing WHAT and HOW I eat.....along with other very subtle changes to my daily routine.

If I've learned one thing besides how to eat in a way that shows my body I respect it with my whole heart....I've learned that taking time to care for myself is so very important.  It keeps me balanced and thriving so that I can be there for others that are important to me.  That statement right there was a game changer for me.....

ME first.....then others.....otherwise there is no ME!

I call this BALANCE.

How I Find My Balance Outside of my Kitchen

  • Epson salt baths at least twice a week.
  • Serenity Blend Oil by dōTERRA on my wrist and soles of feet at bedtime.
  • Restructured bedtime to include minimum of  8 hrs of sleep per night.
  • Slowly switching cosmetics and skin care to natural products.
  • 20 minutes exposure to outside sunshine daily when possible.
  • Manage stressors (so important while on steroids since they mimic a  state of fight or flight stress in my body)
  • Incorporating and committing to daily movement (any of light exercise daily)
  • Making a conscious effort to add daily activities that give me JOY an PURPOSE. (And for me, that therapy is painting. You can see my painting journey at
Tracey Bellion Cured
Caring for the Whole Self Tracey Bellion

My Daily Routine

To learn more about these aspects of my routine, please click on the images. I have so much to share with you!

Disclaimer: The information I share with you on my website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition and is NOT to be used as a substitute for the care and guidance of a physician.  I am not a medical professional, a certified health coach or a dietician. I am just an enthusiastic girl with a big heart and a lot of drive who successfully followed a plan and now wants to share that plan with others and provide a community of encouragement and support.-Tracey Bellion